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Geneva: Travelogue (24 July, 2017)

24 August, 2017 This summer, I made my first trip ever to Geneva, the major city of Romandy, which is the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Did you know that Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in the world and has the highest nominal wealth per adult as well as the eighth-highest per capita gross […]

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Firenze: Basking in Beauty––Travelogue (October 12-14, 2012)

11 November, 2012 Florence is truly an open-air museum. Everywhere you turn, there is always something beautiful to look at: beautiful buildings with artwork and sculptures; towers with beautiful vistas; public squares with statues dating back several hundred years; little cobblestone streets; arches and mysterious alleyways; engraved façades and trompe l’oeils; interesting bridges and the […]

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A Cup of Culture

By Ashikai Tetteh, Guest Writer 8 April, 2012 It is early morning. The only audible sound is the barely there whisper of leaves rustling in the embrace of the wind. The crowing of the cock breaks up the consonance of early morning sounds of nature. Legend here has it that it cries out a warning to […]