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Ten Insights into Ghanaian Culture: #3 – Ghanaian Beer

Did you know that Ghana produces its own local beer? They don’t have the most original names, but Star Beer, Club Beer, and Castle Stout are the three leading brands, produced by the 2 largest breweries––Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited, established in 1991, and Accra Brewery Limited, established in 1931. These are available in every shop, bar, and restaurant. So when you visit, support local trade and buy local beer.

Star Beer, brewed and bottled in Ghana. © Ben Sutherland

While on the subject, local mom-and-pop operations also produce palm wine. This is not sold everywhere, so you will have to ask around for where to find it. Palm wine is also called akpeteshie and may be used in traditional rituals, where it is sprinkled in homes or on public grounds as libations to ancestral spirits and gods.



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