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Barcelona: La Dulce Vida––Travelogue (October 21-23, 2012)

11 November, 2012


The beach near downtown Barcelona © thetravellingsociologist

Perhaps it is something in the ocean air. Perhaps it is the wide open spaces and preponderance of beautiful Gaudí architecture. Or perhaps it is the delicious tapas-centred local cuisine and the cheap yet tasty local beers and cava (traditional Catalan wine). Whatever it is, there is something special in the air in Barcelona. And you have only to observe how the locals take full advantage of the sun, the surf, and the slow tempo induced by beautiful weather to understand what it means to relax; to take time out of your busy day to do nothing but appreciate nature and to lounge around in a state of meditative reflexion…for hours. La dulce vida is a must in the capital of Catalonia.



Casa Batlló. © thetravellingsociologist 


Park Güell. © thetravellingsociologist 


Sagrada Familia. © thetravellingsociologist 


Barcelona harbour. © thetravellingsociologist

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