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​The Best Time of Year to Visit Montreal

24 April, 2017

So you would like to visit Montreal but are wondering which month you should come here? Well, that all depends on your tolerance for heat or for the cold. But more importantly, everything hinges on the type of outdoor activities you are planning for your trip. Read on to discover the typical weather patterns throughout the year. They will make the difference in whether to pack your ski gear or beach wear.


The Old Port of Montreal, in the summertime. © thetravellingsociologist


Here is your month-by-month rundown of weather conditions in Montreal:


December: Not much snow, but cold | First big snowstorm typically in the last week


January: Snow | Coldest month of the year 1/2 | Ski season


February: Snow | Coldest month of the year 2/2 | Ski season | Clear blue skies/sunnier days


March: Snow | Ski season


April: Snow not guaranteed | More chilly days than warm days | Chilly nights | A lot of rain


May: Snow not guaranteed | A higher number of warm-to-hot days | Chilly nights | Some rain


June: Sunny, but not always hot | Festival frenzy begins


July: Hot | Heatwave usually in last 2 weeks | Most of city on vacation (last 2 weeks are the semaines de la construction) | Festival frenzy continues


August: Perfect weather; hot, but no heat wave | Festival frenzy continues


September: My personal favorite time of year | Always hot | Nights are cool, making it easier to sleep well | Beautiful foliage as the leaves change color | Apple picking season | Festival frenzy calms down


October: Usually cold, particularly by mid-October, and definitely always on Halloween.


November: Cold | Typically no snow yet



If you are planning to visit other cities while you are here, note that at any given point in time:

  • Ottawa usually has the same weather as Montreal,
  • Quebec City is always colder than Montreal,
  • Toronto may have the same winter weather but always gets warmer earlier in the year, and
  • The Maritimes don’t really warm up properly until late July or early August.


Happy trip planning!


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